Mentoring the next generation of scholars is an important objective of the Jean Monnet Chair. The focus has been on training them, equipping them with the skills and creating a knowledge community keeping in mind a good gender balance. 

m.phil. research work (COMPLETED)

1. Ms. Shreya Sinha 

EU’S Counterterrorism Strategy (2020)

2. Ms. Dhriti Bordoloi

Securitisation of the European Union Borders, 2001-2016 (2019)


1. Dr. Neha Mehta Verma (Woman)

European Union and American Policy Towards Iran's Nuclear Programme, 2003-2013 (2020)

2. Dr. Nitika Srivastava (Woman)

The Impact of Geopolitics on the Political Relations between the European Union and Russia since 1992 (2020)

3. Dr. Swati (Woman)

The European Union and Democracy Promotion in its External Relations: A Comparative Study of Ukraine and Egypt, 1992-2015 (2020)

4. Dr. Jayadev Parida (Man)

The European Union and the United States Approach to Cyber Security: A Comparative Study, 2001-2013 (2019)

5. Dr. Sonam Chaudhuri (Woman)

The European Union’s Neighbourhood Policy and Civilian Crisis Management: A Case Study of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia (2019)

6. Dr. Jagdish Singh (Man)

Germany and Problems of European Integration: A Study of Angela Merkel’s Leadership, 2005-2013 (2018)

7. Dr. Sourabh Kumar (Man)

Indo-French Strategic Partnership, 1998-2013: Areas of Opportunities and Obstacles (2018)

m.phil. research work (ONGOING)

1. Ms. Khusboo Sen Dhruv

The European Union Global Strategy 2016: An Assessment (2021)

2. Mr. Mohit Kumar

France and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Between Autonomy and Cooperation in Security Policy, 2009-2017 (2021)


1. Ms. Reena Ngurang 

Resetting the European Union-United States Relations After the End of Cold War (2021)

2. Mr. Shwetank Tiwari 

German Climate Leadership: A Case Study of EU ETS (2021)

3. Ms. Purnima Sharma

The European Union’s Role in Peace Building: From Comprehensive to Integrated Approach (2021)

4. Ms. Renu Mann

The Ukraine Crisis and the Russia-European Union Relations: ‘A New Cold War’, 2010-2018 (2021)

5. Ms. Dhritishree Bordalai 

The Political and Security Dimension of the European Union’s Response to the Refugee Crisis (2022)

6. Ms. Shreya Sinha 

The Counter-Terrorism Policy of the European Union and the United States of America: A Human Rights Approach (2023)

7. Mr. Jayesh Khatu 

India-EU Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region (2023)

8. Mr. Dhawlendu

Hybrid Threats and Governance in the European Union (2023)